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Outsmart The Can

Posted on October 24, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Four cans of green beans on the counter. Four chances to get this right. I set my jaw as I carefully chose my weapon...


We mix green beans from a can with our dogs' dry food. They love it and it is an economical way to maintain their weight. A win-win. With three dogs to feed, we buy cans of green beans by the case.

Several distributors' of canned goods make a very handy 'pop top' these days, and the preference is to find these particular cans in the sodium free variety.

When we are getting near the end of the green bean supply, the ones left are always the non pop-top cans, so the dreaded can openers must come out.

Yes I did say openerS, because we have three; let me introduce them:


Can Opener #1 Electric Model good for can opening sound effects.

Can Opener #2 Manual Model good for a migraine.

Can Opener #3 Newest Manual Model good if you have a Physics degree.


This morning, as you have probably surmised, was a non-pop-top morning.


After twelve or so tearful minutes, I had accomplished mangling all four cans. A couple of punctures and dents, torn labels maybe, but no open cans.

As I surveyed the carnage, and began to clean the mess, I wondered if this was some kind of message, was the Universe trying to tell me something?


Go back to bed, you have been defeated by canned vegetables... You are going to have a really really bad day...


No, probably not. IF the Universe could speak through canned green beans, the lessons from my early morning standoff would likely be as follows...


Lesson #1 Always have the the right tools/supplies/information for the task at hand.

You wouldn't go into battle with a flyswatter, or try to eat food with a spork. Get a ladder if you need a ladder, a shoe is not a hammer, printers need ink.

How many cans can you open with three crappy can openers? Exactly.


Lesson #2 Slow Down

When we hurry, we tend to break things, lose things, forget things, get speeding tickets. Rushing around leaves disaster in our wake. Allow yourself the time necessary to do things right and you will spend less time in cleanup, repair and traffic court.


Lesson #3 Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.

Thinking about, worrying about and visualizing failure usually ensures an outcome of failure.

Find courage and erase self doubt and you will open the can,


Lesson #4 Don't Do Anything Before Coffee. Seriously.


Namaste' Y'all



Deep Thoughts With Amber Klippel

Posted on October 24, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)


I can't explain why I didn't run. I had my running shoes on, and my running playlist loaded.

It was early and the beach was all mine. I took a brief warm-up walk, began to kick it up to a jog... and then I just sat down. No chair, no towel. Just. Sat. Down.


As I surveyed the infinite sky, the vast expanse of the ocean before me, and miles of sand, I did not ponder the immense perplexities of the universe. I did not ruminate over the trajectory of my career, nor did I consider my relationships with those of whom I am closest.


I thought instead of Spongebob Squarepants, as a sand crab disappeared into his dugout. Did he have a little living room down there, with a picture of his Mama on the wall, I wondered?

I lost a staring contest with a sand piper.

I watched the waves roll in. I watched the waves roll out. And then again. And again.


I turned my eyes up to the clouds and leaned back onto my elbows. I saw a dancing bear, a poodle,

an ice cream cone and Richard Nixon.

I tried to remember the types of clouds... cirrus, stratus? I was thinking cumulus, no maybe cumulonimbus were the big billowy ones in front of me.


That brought back memories of school field trips to Fernbank Science Center, where you could make a tiny tornado appear in a plexiglass box with the push of a button.

The best part about field trips growing up in Atlanta is getting steak, bag of rags and a tall FO afterward.

(That's a hamburger with a pickle, potato chips and a frozen orange drink, if you don't speak Varsity).


I whiled away the better part of an hour this way. A hodgepodge of thoughts, zigzagging like the sand crab, amounting to nothing. With no direction or purpose, memories came in, then rolled out.

And then again. And again.


Often we think that time spent in meditation needs to be serious, with direction and purpose or it is time wasted. The “monkey mind” , that is, flitting from one thought to the next, should be controlled if one is to be in harmony and balance with the collective energy of the universe.

Workshops on the topic of meditation thrive, and volumes upon volumes of books are written to tell us how and when and where to “unplug, let go and unwind the mind”.

That's too much pressure for me.


Next time you can sit quietly, wherever you are (okay not at a red light, people will honk and give you the finger) let your mind jump around, let it do back flips and somersaults. Don't worry about direction or pattern or importance, you already do enough of that. I know, you are a grownup.


You have enough pressure in your life without adding to it by trying to get the whole meditation-one-with-the-universe thing right. Leave that to the pros, they have workshops for that.


Namaste', Y'all




Warriors In Pink

Posted on October 24, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Salons always have stacks of magazines to keep bored customers occupied while waiting.

Salacious gossip rags detailing lives of celebrities, and beauty/fashion mags telling us what is acceptable for us to wear, and what cosmetics we must own. The kind no one admits to reading.


I decided to leaf through a beauty-type one while waiting for my last trim, and happened upon a survey (survey?) of makeup artists, asking the question.: 'if YOU were stranded on a desert island, what is the ONE beauty product would you absolutely have to have'...

If I were to be stranded on a desert island, I would likely be focused on strategies to increase my odds for survival, not wishing I had my waterproof mascara.

“Well, you can't eat lipstick!!” I said aloud, to no one in particular as I flopped the irksome publication down with a thud. The woman to my left quietly slid further left.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Women are encouraged to do self checks, get their mammograms and support one another in this effort.

Pink is everywhere, Warriors in Pink walk with their families, friends, neighbors and communities to raise funds for a cure, raise awareness and honor the lives of the women they have lost.


I will never forget waiting for pathology results of my own, a biopsy of a left breast mass.

Was radiology/ chemotherapy in my future? Would I be able to work? Would I be able to take care of my son?

Would I be brave enough to fight?

I never had to answer that question, but many women do. 232,670 in 2014 according to the Susan B Komen statistic report for new cases of invasive breast cancer. This is for the United States alone.





If I could choose only one beauty product, MAC wouldn't manufacture it, L'oreal wouldn't bottle it.

If I could choose only one beauty product, it would be Hope.

Hope to be rescued, hope to live another day, hope to love and be loved, hope to be brave.

Hope to walk arm in arm with my friends, family, neighbors and community. Hope to laugh to smile and to cry.


Breast cancer fighters and survivors, Warriors in Pink. You walk arm in arm with scars and scarves. You carry pictures of mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends.

You have hope, you share hope. You are Beautiful.


Lets honor our beautiful sisters in pink this month and all year.


Namaste' Y'all